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St. Louis Cardinals: Where is the Power?

      The Cardinals are once again near the bottom of the league in home runs. Last season, the Redbirds were also near the bottom in home runs but made it to the World Series. They lost because Boston hit a lot of homers. Going into this season I thought our home run numbers would be drastically up with the addition of Jonny Peralta and a healthy Allen Craig. But it’s not the case.

       I hope and pray that the Cardinal ‘brass’ can make a deal or two before the trade deadline. There is always a lot of young excellent prospects in the organization. And most of the players brought in are not performing. I think the Cardinal can take on some payroll as well.

       The Cardinals desperately need power hitters. If this issue is not addressed my beloved Redbirds are in trouble. I believe every year a professional organization should never be content with anything less than a ‘World Championship.”   



Should I End My Relationship?

   Are you in a good relationship? Are you happy? Do you sometimes think about breaking up with your partner? Are there things about your partner you don’t like? Do you think your partner can change? Are you happy one day and upset the next day? How do you know when to end a relationship?

   There are pros and cons in any relationship. Do the pros-the good things-outweigh the cons. Are you happy? Are you really happy? What are the good things and the bad things in your relationship? How long have you been in your current relationship?

   What behaviors-things your partner does or says-would you like to see changed in your partner? How your partner acts, thinks, and treats you is very important. Does your partner have a temper or is your partner controlling?

   Are you in love with your partner, or are you in love with how good your partner is in bed? Do you see your partner in your future? Is there something about your partner that you don’t like? Is your partner good about listening to how you feel? What do you do? Should you end your relationship?

   I think it will help you to determine whether to maintain your current relationship or end your relationship by thinking about it in the following ways:

         1. You accept your partner’s actions and behaviors and think the relationship is worth maintaining.

         2. You don’t accept your partner’s actions and behaviors, but you think the relationship is worth maintaining.

         3. You do not accept your partner’s actions and behaviors, and you think the relationship is not worth maintaining.

   Relationships take work and commitment. And relationships evolve over time for the good or for the bad. Good relationships stand the test of time. Remember that life is about being as happy as humanely possible. Good luck to you. I hope this post(blog) is/was helpful to you. 


      Steve Malysz  M.S.

      Mental Health Professional

      ***You may email Steve with any questions you may have


The Most Beautiful Ruined Moment

The Most Beautiful Ruined Moment.

Kids and Homework

   What do you do if your little son or daughter fights you every night over homework? I have been asked this question many times over. The answer is simple but takes work and a lot of patience.

   Typically parents remind their kid a few times, “Johnny, don’t forget that spelling homework.” The child may respond with: “Okay. I don’t want to. No.” At this point the parent responds with: “Yes you will. You will do it right now.” This leads to a lot of yelling, crying, etc. This can all be avoided.

    I recommend reminding your child about their homework no more than three times. The first two times simply remind them, “Johnny, remember that homework.” That’s it! Say no more at that point. The kid knows about the homework. And most kids will get to it when they get to it.

   The last time or third time you remind them add this: “Johnny, I’m not going to remind you again about your homework. Just remember that you will have to explain to your teacher tomorrow about why the work is not done.” That is it. Say no more about the work. I can almost guarantee you that little johnny will do that work. But as angry as little johnny can make you feel as a parent don’t give in to the temptation to yell and scream. And never ever hit a child. 

   This is all well and good on paper but it will take a lot of time and patience on you, the parent. It’s important to know that little  Johnny and you have been playing this homework thing out like it’s a play. It’s kind of hardwired into you and your child. It’s called conditioning. Be patient. Hold your temper. And be consistent. Good Luck!

      Sincerely Yours,

           Steve Malysz M.S.



    Feel free to email me with any questions at  


Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols

  I am a huge Albert Pujols fan. It breaks my heart to see him playing at 75%. I find it hard to believe that only plantar facc is hindering Puj’s hitting. Does anyone know how banged up Albert is at this point? Thanks.


       Steve Malysz M.S. 

Incarnation,Life,The Other Side

Incarnation,Life,The Other Side.

Incarnation,Life,The Other Side

Incarnate means our true self(“Spirit Self”) decides to further our spiritual evolvement(our “essence”) by choosing a “physical form”(a body) and a planet. The spirit merged temporarily with the body. We experience to gain knowledge. Then eventually our borrowed vessel(body) expires(dies), freeing us to return Home. Home is The Other Side(Heaven).
Some of us don’t return Home straight away. There are various reasons for this…a new blog’s worth of reasons.
I could speak of incarnation forever. However,not today. If I can clarify anything in this simple blog let me know. And please remember THESE ARE MY BELIEFS. Thanks for your time!

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