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How to Pray

May 31, 2015

You don’t have to be on your knees to pray. And you don’t need to be in a church to pray. God doesn’t care where you pray. God does, however,  “like” when you pray. Let me digress and ask, “What does it mean to pray?” “What is prayer?” I believe to pray, is to speak to God. The opposite of prayer is meditation. Meditation is listening to God.

I believe we can ask for as much as we can think of while praying. But it appears that not all of our prayers can be answered. However, I believe God hears all our prayers. I also believe that the shorter, more succinct our prayers that better. But effective prayer is something else.

Many people, including myself, will pray like a robot, just going through the motions. It is very easy to learn bad habits praying. If you have ever been a member of a church(or still are), you probably have prayed to a “Response Prayer.” A “Response Prayer” is a prayer usually begun by the preacher(alone) then the congregation responses in unison. I often said the words in a flat, robotic way. I believe most other members unknowingly did the same. Praying like this ineffective and a waste of time. Prayer to be effective has to come from the very depths of your heart and soul. I still catch myself, from time to time, and stop. I won’t pray if I am in a hurry or if my mind is elsewhere.

I pray when at peace in a quiet place(a place where I won’t be interrupted). I then pray from the heart. I try to always remember to keep it short. Sometimes I will write out my prayers. I want to make sure I include particular loved ones, friends, pets, etc. I have found that prayer is more effective when voiced aloud. So, there you have my winning formula for prayer.

My last  piece of prayer advice is there is power in numbers! This is the real reason why organized religions began. But the other people praying with you must do so from the heart. Even one or two people can make prayer much more effective! God Bless you and yours!


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