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Sasquatch Sensitivity Theory

April 18, 2015
Female Sasquatch

I believe in Sasquatch. I came to believe after years of researching the subject and common sense. That is for another day. Today, I want to discuss my “Sasquatch Sensitivity Theory.”

Sasquatch is more than an unknown primate species. Sasquatch AKA Bigfoot is a spiritual entity. I believe these spiritual entities are protectors of ancient mountains and ancient forests. I believe that Sasquatch possess senses we will never truly understand. What do I mean? You know how pets and wild animals are said to have a sixth sense? Okay, it’s my belief that Sasquatch possess a sixth sense, seventh sense, etc.

Now, you are in the forest or mountains hiking, camping, or doing Sasquatch research. It is my belief that people who are considered kind, caring, creative, considerate, right-brained,  etc will have a better chance of a Sasquatch encounter. Therefore, individuals considered to be cold, calculating, logical and  left-brained,  will have a far more difficult time encountering a Sasquatch.

Everything has energy. We, humans give off energy. Sasquatch can read our energy. Thus, a man considered extremely nice would be disarming to a Sasquatch. However, a person known to be cold and logical would alarm a Sasquatch. This is my “Sasquatch Sensitivity Theory” in a nutshell. It applies whether you are a Sasquatch researcher, hiker, camper, policeman, poet, ranger, etc. If you are a Sasquatch researcher, you may have noticed that some researchers are like Sasquatch magnets. I have spoken to some members of the BFRO, The Bigfoot Research Organization. Some think I’m on to something, others are indifferent, others aren’t buying it.

Please let me know what you think. If you think I’m a nut case let me know. If you think I’m on to something let me known. Thanks for your time!

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