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Jesus was not Born in a Manger

December 18, 2014

Christmas is upon us. I love Christmas. I love playing and singing Christmas hymns and songs. But I do not believe baby Jesus was born in a lowly manger. I believe Jesus was born in a warm home. I confess, as a child, I was taught that Jesus was born of Mary in Bethlehem in a manger on Christmas. Also at the Christ’s birth was Mary’s fiance, Joseph, shepherds, sheep, other animals, and three wise men.

I believe the “Manger” is a beautiful story. However, logic and common sense tell a different story. Firstly, Joseph was not just a carpenter, he did custom work for wealthy patrons. Assuming this is true, why would Joseph and Mary choose to bring Jesus into the world in a cold, lowly stable. No. Jesus was born in a warm home.

Some of you may argue that Joseph was told by an angel to flee because King Herod intended to kill baby Jesus. An angel did warn Joseph of Herod’s intent “after Jesus was born.” The angel told Joseph to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt until Herod was dead. Joseph fled to Egypt with Mary and the “Messiah.”

According to only the Gospel of Matthew, King Herod orders the slaughter of all baby boys two years old and younger in Bethlehem and its neighbors.  Why is this “Massacre of the innocents” not reported outside of the Gospel of Matthew? I do not believe Herod ordered such a slaughter. Most historians do not believe Herod ordered this slaughter.

King Herod was a ruthless man who would do anything to maintain his power. In fact, Herod had his sons killed. Many historians believe the “Massacre of the Innocents” may have had its origins in Herod’s murder of his sons. There is another fact that undermines the story: at the time of Jesus’ birth the population of Bethlehem was 1,000. This suggests that about 20 children would have been killed.

Does it really matter where Jesus was born? Not to me. I love Christmas. I love God and Jesus Christ. I love praising God and Christ through song…even the ones about mangers and wise men. Merry Christmas.

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