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October 6, 2012

Have you ever had a paranormal encounter? Then feel free to share it. Whether it concern ghosts, bigfoot, or psychic abilities.

I created this post to link up with people who have seen or done something they cannot explain. I don’t claim to be a ‘Psychic.’ However, I do believe we all have psychic abilities to one degree or another. Personally, I was a skeptic most of my life. I used to laugh at my dearly departed Grandma when she watched programs about psychics. You see I was a mental health professional(scientist) and hypnotist. Furthermore, I knew how stage hypnosis was done(it is a con by the way). After my Gram passed away I had a great desire to look into the ‘paranormal.’ What I learned changed how I viewed the paranormal field. I found that the United States had a program called Stargate during the Cold War. This military program used civilians who had proven psychic abilities to spy on Russia. I was blown away. This program turned me into a believer in the psychic potential of every human being. Consequently, I began developing my psychic abilities. And I have seen and heard things that I cannot explain.

Today, I live the life of both a practical scientist and that of a psychically sensitive person. I listen to stories with an open-mind. But it isn’t hard to discern imagination from fact. And truth from outright lies.

I hope you enjoyed this post! I hope to hear from you.



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